Reading Olympics

Linda School READING OLYMPICS is such an important part of your child's school year.  Students earn their medals by logging pages on booklogs and turning them into their teachers and by taking AR quizzes to earn points throughout the school year.  We are so excited to have our First Grade students participating in Accelerated Reader (AR) this year!  Kindergarten students are the only students that will be filling out Book Logs this year.
Below are our Medal Requirements for Reading Olympics:

                    Bronze Medal                 Silver Medal                    Gold Medal
K                  2,500 pages                  3,000 pages                   3,500 pages
1st                20 AR points           25 AR Points                  30 AR Points
2nd               70 AR Points                75 AR Points                 80 AR Points
3rd                80 AR Points                85 AR Points                 90 AR Points
4th                90AR Points                 95 AR Points                100 AR Points
5th                95 AR Points                100 AR Points              105 AR Points
6th                105 AR Points              110 AR Points              115 AR Points

Our Reading Olympics will be held on Friday, June 2, 2017 at the following times;
K-1  8:30 am
2-3   9:15 am
4-6   10:00 am
All assemblies will be held in the quad (weather permitting).
Please encourage your child/ren to read, fill out booklogs and take AR quizzes.  
If you have any questions about this program please contact Kim Austin at 741.6196 or email at